Use of cookies Cookies are used by practically all websites. Often, cookies are the only way to make the website functioning as intended. The EU legislation requires that users of the Internet are informed of the website’s use of cookies.

We listed each one of them below, with more details about the reason for which we use them and over their lifetime. “End of session” means that the cookie is temporary and will be removed each time you close your browser.

During your first visit on the site, you can be accommodated by a message at the bottom of the screen about the use that we make of the cookies. We record a cookie when you click on the button “OK” in order to memorize your choice and to do not display again the greeting message during your next visit.





Saves a cookie to let us know that you have seen and accepted our cookie message.

3 months


This cookie contains the user session identifier which expires at the end of every session.

End of session


Helps identifying new and existing users on the website

1 year



Tracks users session when user visits the website

End of session



You find more information about the legislative framework here: