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What is load dispatching

The term load dispatching reflects how the heat production is organised on a daily basis so that it will always be produced by the least costly plants.

Daily heat plans

The heat plan must meet the daily heat demand forecast of the distribution companies.

Key figures

Load distribution: Economic optimization of the operation of cogeneration and heating plants - hour by hour - in relation to the cost of the works and prices in the electricity market, which also varies hour by hour


End users

32 - 34



of heat consumption in Denmark

transmission and distribution network

The district heating system in the Copenhagen metropolitan area consists of transmission and distribution networks

Varmelast is planning the heat production for supply of the district heating transmission systems.

The transmission system transmit the heat from the heat production plants to the district heating transmission systems in 17 municipalities in the Copenhagen metropolitan area. 

three companies

The heating companies

Varmelast is a cooperation between the heating companies of VEKS, CTR and HOFOR and is not an independent business.
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The story - in brief

The daily production of the CHP and Heat boilers are organised in relation with an economical total optimisation of the heat and power production.
Since 7 January 2008, Varmelast has handled the total load dispatching of the Copenhagen metropolitan area.

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The daily production of the CHPs and DHPs is prioritised according to an aggregate financial optimisation of the power and heat production.

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